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How to Sell your Manga and Anime

FIND CASH on your bookshelf!

SELL your gently used MANGA AND ANIME!

PAYPAL payments straight to YOU!

Your responsibility

Before sending us the package... send us an email to HeyAnimeCafe@aol.com with a list of all the books and DVDs you want to send.  We'll send you back a list of OK'd items.   Please only send very good or excellent items, as those are the only ones we can resell.  

Make sure to ship all the described items, along with that e-mail list that we have OK'd.  We will reimburse for the shipping cost of your items, ONLY if you use our recommended service. We highly recommend the USPS Media Mail service for boxes up to 70lbs. or the UPS ground service for packages that are larger.  Your package must be postmarked within a week of receiving that email list that we've OK'd.  We recommend you create a copy of that email list for your reference, and you must include a copy of that email list in your package.

        Unacceptable items
  • Illegally copied or burned DVDs.
  • DVDs that are not playable in North American NTSC formats and DVD players.
  • DVDs without original original case, and front and back covers.
  • DVDs that are scratched, skipping or unplayable.
  • Books that are damaged, ripped pages, bent covers, missing pages, water damage, broken spines...  Minor shelf wear and dinged corners is OK.

Our responsibility

Paypal credit is the only method by which we will deliver payment to you.  You will receive via your email, therefore, you must have a Paypal account that has a verified mailing address attached to it.  We will be generous, as long as your books are in very good or excellent condition, and your DVDs are unscratched and playable on all Region 1 DVD players.  

Damaged Items

If we do receive unacceptable items, you will be notified by email, you can choose to "abandon" the items, and we will dispose of them for you, or you can ask that they be returned, and then you will pay a shipping postage fee.

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